Poetic Device #3: Simile

March 15, 2007

When we use a simile we say one that one thing is like or as something else.  We all use similes without realizing it.

For example:

  • He’s as thick as a tree.
  • She’s got a face like the back of a bus.
  • I was shaking like a leaf.

YOUR TASK: Think about our class.  What are we (altogether) like?  Write one simile and add it to the class poem that I will start things off with:

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  1. We are ALL (even me) as bright as a light bulb (a relly bright one)

  2. We are as smart as Albert Einstein

  3. We are all as humble as a bumble-bee!!!!

  4. We are all as quiet as a mouse sometimes.

  5. We are as noticed as the world around us.

    (our hits)

  6. We are as quick as a computer.

  7. We are all as agile as artistic ants arriving at an animal airport

  8. We are….
    great as the grand Greek pillars.

  9. our minds are as vast as the world around us.

  10. we are as funny as a cat that thinks it’s a dog

  11. We are as crazy as a hyper monkey.

  12. we work as much as The prime minister of Canada

  13. We are as talkative as a parrot that won’t be quiet.

  14. Shes as beautiful as a red rose in bloom

  15. Theyre as quiet as a stalker in the night

  16. Their friendship grew like green grass in June.

  17. you are as noisy as a lion after is has been disrupted

  18. We are as nosey as a bull horn on a train

  19. Are friendship is as strong as a dimond

  20. We are as talktive as a telephone seller

  21. We are as gigley as Navie when shes hyper

  22. We are as fun as an amusment park.

  23. We are as bright as the sun in June

  24. You are as cold at winter in Antartica

  25. Love the Favorite Poem Project. My class will be doing a project similar to this later this year as a result of coming across your classroom blog. Thanks for the inspiration.

  26. We are as happy as the summer sun.

  27. We are innocent as child.

  28. we are as witty as a fox in a fox hunt.

  29. They are quiet as growing grass.

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