ACROSTIC POEMS -Everything is not always what it seems to be!

February 8, 2007

We get so used to reading across that we never bother to read down the page.  An acrostic is usually formed by the first (or last) letter of each line.

For centuries this method has been used to carry secret messages.

What do you find hidden in the following poem?

Message on the Table

  • Your dinner is in the
  • Oven because I’m taking
  • Uncle
  • Jack
  • Up to your grandmother’s
  • She hasn’t seen him in years.
  • There’s also extra sauce in
  • A pan on the stove.  It needs
  • To be warmed though
  • Even if you get in on time for once.
  • Wash up and
  • Open a can of something if you’re still
  • Ravenous.  Although you
  • May not be if you work out my
  • Secret.

YOUR TASK: Decipher the hidden message and add your findings as a comment to this post.  Next, attempt to write your own Acrostic poem and leave it here for others to figure out!  The greater the difference between what you appear to be saying and the acrostic, the better.



  1. The code is YOU JUST ATE WORMS!

  2. tommy likes to
    eat stuff that is
    dead and that is
    dirty. It’s also
    yellow and
    blue in some places.
    even i think it is strange
    really gross!

  3. You Just ate worms.

  4. The meassage in the acrostic poem was: ” you just ate worms.”

    Dirty roads and dusty trails
    Ignorant people and
    Stupidly crazy friends.
    Tiny fingers
    On tiny feet.
    Real strange
    Things you seem to see.
    Everything is
    Doing great, until you
    Everything is fake.
    Lies and cover ups to protect you from your
    Initial destiny.
    To show the world who
    You really are.

  5. I love this idea, for the new writing assignment.
    It’s very creative and I intend to write my own!
    You just ate worms! Ahahahha.

    The poem:

    I love to ride.
    Terribly terrific,
    Riding all day.
    Interesting all the time.
    Can be different every time.
    Keeping my head up,
    Exciting everyone.
    Day and night.
    Yellow buttercups
    Over the pond.
    Under the sun, having fun!

    What do you think it is?;D

  6. beep will go the
    red car horn.
    only will it stop when
    the other cars listen
    hott from rage it would like to shout
    everyone listen to me
    right then, will the other car think. the red car

  7. Bob said,
    Oh. I’m in trouble.

  8. the code is YOU JUST ATE WORMS

  9. Valentines
    Nothing bad about it
    The day of Valentines
    I love it

    Day of hearts
    A loving time
    You probably love it too

  10. I want to tell you that there are
    Lollipops on the counter because
    I had to walk the rooster and be sure to
    Kiss the dog on your way out and save some one for me or
    Else you will be in trouble save one for me and the
    And the
    Newt but remember to pick the
    Dogs nose on the way out.
    Yep I’m always right.

  11. People confessing their soul to the world
    Ominous poems or soft sweet haikus
    Every kind of person has their own preferance.
    Most times people confess their love or
    Soul in their poetry, but
    Really, everyone expresses their feeling
    Of something in one way or another.
    Creativity is always required, but different
    Kinds of people all agree, poetry rocks!

  12. Love is for people who believe in life
    Only to find out that it hurts
    Voices to be heard about the word
    Even if again to be dismayed
    Having love is very sad but sometimes I think
    United you stand with your partner togeather
    Really ashamed to see you break up
    This is my voice you hear today
    So love hurts, that’s what I have to say

  13. You’re good at this Warhouse! I like tommy’s tale…

  14. I want to watch some TV. But the movie I
    Isn’t out yet but while,
    Kindly sniff the dog
    Enough that it starts to get scared and then
    Move the dog in front of the TV with you
    Or go to the theater and play the
    Violin with the dog until
    It squeaks then by the time, the movie will be out in the
    End but if it isn’t, it’s not my problem but I wonder
    If you can figure out my

  15. You are very fun. But wait, you’re not
    Only fun but you’re
    Understanding of life is funny, and you’re very

    Lucky. Your head is also very
    Obese, and the shape is
    Oblong. You walk like a
    Kangaroo. You are one of the

    Fairest people I know, but you always
    Undercook your food. But you do keep your house very
    Neat and tidy. I’ts kool that your fav. fruit is the
    Nectarine! But you do smell like
    Yarn…just kidding!

  16. The code was YOU JUST ATE WORMS.
    My poem might be confusing cause me and jen only know the meaning . . .

    Partied all night long!
    Even though i was tired i
    Promised her to
    Stay awake.
    It was a fun and a
    Amazing night that has made
    Nice memories.
    Did we ever eat alot of
    Treats during
    Our movie, which was called
    Step up!
    There might never be a funner night,
    Including the HOBO mall.
    Terrific times right there,
    Oh dont forget the
    Silly diary entries!!!

  17. Chairs can hurt
    Anonymous people that
    Did anything to
    Geez, dont throw chairs
    Ohh they hurt
    Oh boy
    Don’t hurt people with chiars

  18. thanks steelerooster! here is another one:

    not again my day is
    on a role and is now wrecked because of

    how some peolpe like to make others suffer.
    one day a long time ago they’re days were
    made bad from this thing.
    even you!
    without it teachers can’t make students unhappy
    or with it they are just making our lives worse.
    really what teacher doesn’t give it to the students
    keep working hard and maybe you’ll get off without it!

  19. I have to admit, I
    ♥ the way you talk about me.
    You admit that you like the way I talk about you.
    Oh yeah, you and I were meant to be with eachother.
    Us, is you and me, no one else. We deserve eachother.

  20. Jellybeans hop around
    Unless you
    Shout at
    Them, then
    Jellybeans hate you
    Over and over, and they will move to
    Korea and other far away places
    I’m telling you too much
    Now go away

  21. Jellyfishes sting
    Even if you bring
    Lollypops and your
    Laughing dad
    Yup, don’t be friends with them
    Because they will take
    Everything from your room
    And from your house
    No friends with jellyfishes anymore!

    From: A person who loves peanuts

  22. The code is YOU JUST ATE WORMS
    You might not get this cuz only me & stina know what it means..

    Good times
    Not so good times.
    Giggling about
    Stupid things.
    Talking in class,
    Especially health.
    Right for eachother.

    Are our
    Most favoritve food, 2
    Buns and a pattie.
    Utterly crazy and
    Rambunctious. A
    Genius private joke,
    Except its not that genius.
    Randomly made up in math,
    So can you figure it out?

  23. Mmm…spaghetti.

  24. Poker can be addicting
    Even if you lose all your money
    All people fall into pokers.

  25. swich will go the grass under my feet
    only then will I take the game ball
    can she
    catch me or will I win?
    even my friends are cheering for me to
    run and win

  26. Bumbly bees,
    Uunwanted fleas.
    Good butterflies,
    Seeing with their big bubble eyes.

  27. Dedicated to Haley(Best Sleepovers Ever!!;P)

    Fun in the sun
    Running down the beach
    Eating french fries
    Never stopping the fun
    Catching some waves
    Hating the beach readers
    Tanning forever
    Over the hills
    Anythings possible
    Sun and shine,
    To the End

  28. the message is YOU JUST ATE WORMS!

    a seceret message

    Joe is my name
    Ongoing with lots of
    Krazy jokes and
    Everybody hears them

  29. HELLO
    I am
    Growing up
    In a poor slum
    Doing hard job like
    Oiling the gears, and there are
    No money in my pocket
    I hate this life
    All slum no
    Yup, this is hard
    Oh, but this is the reality
    Underground houses
    Roads unpaved, people
    Finding jobs
    Rickety trains swoosh above
    I hate this life
    Everyone hates this life.
    No more poor life, that’s what we want
    Doing things that i hate.

  30. De mensen in grote rode neuzen worden genoemd clowns.
    Niet afdoende mensen nooit frowns.
    de engelstalige mensen in Canada gebruiken de uitdrukking “eh” alot

  31. You like to eat
    Oblong worms and
    Ugly little dogs
    Are you a canibal?
    Reading is good for your mind but
    Elephants can’t read…you should feel lucky and
    Kool. Even though no one else thinks you are
    Oopsies I meant You smell good and you eat gummy
    worms and you don’t look like an
    Ostrich and don’t eat ugly dogs and you are
    Lucky to be able to read, even though you just
    learned and you are
    Nineteen years
    Old. We really do love you but
    There is a secret if you can figure it out…

  32. You like to eat those big fat green
    Ostich eggs that smell like ostrich and those
    Ugly stinky
    Snakes that
    Make you smell
    Even worse then you
    Look..Oh I’m sorry you big fat

    I ♥ you even though you don’t know what I said

  33. phunkey
    is so
    cool right now.you
    know how i
    like phunkey
    earthlings from the planet pickle

    -pickles will rule the world-

  34. Christmas is a time to share
    How minty candycanes are
    Running arround,playing in the snow
    It ends
    So fast,we just don’t seem
    To realize that Christmas
    Mornings bring more than presents,they offer joy
    And happy moments which we
    Shall treasure forever.
    I know… it’s a little out of
    Season, christmas is
    Over.But that’s no reason to
    Vanish all seasonal poems
    Everyone likes Christmas, it

  35. Get up it’s time for work! The clock
    Radio screams at me each day.
    Another day, another
    Even when it
    Seems like my
    Efforts at school are in
    Vain and
    Every class that enters my room
    Needs more than I can give.
    Some days I
    Really wonder if I am making a difference
    Or if I can get students excited to learn..
    Could this class be the one? I
    Kinda think it might…

  36. Beauty; the 6 letter word everyone wants, but
    Eventually, people will realise that it is not
    Always the most important thing
    They still want it, but why can’t
    You be happy with what you’ve got?

  37. I like to come
    After school everyday and
    Turn on the T.V. and watch it
    Enough that I burst but I
    Have to come home and do my homework.
    Oh how sad it is that I have to
    Miss my favorite shows and
    Even though some home
    Work is fun I don’t like doing it because it is
    Oh so sad to miss my favorite shows for homework.
    Ready for school every day I do my homework and I say
    K I did my homework but I like homework… unless you
    know what i mean

  38. man

  39. The code is :
    You Just Ate Worms!

    I love sports
    But i hate ingures,
    Used up all my ducktape to rape my boo boos,
    Strength is my specialty,
    Trender meat i eat to stay strong,
    Excersize is the main thing i do to be healthy,
    Death is coming for me for crashing all the time,
    My body is fitting to be strong,
    Yet i tare up the coarse and my body,
    Keep going till i cant stand,
    Next what bone is going to brake,
    Enviormental substances hurt me bad,
    Explotions happen in seconds with skis and poles flying.

  40. Later
    Over the hill
    Ventillation increasing
    Enough already!I do!

  41. BOYS
    Boys: annoying, and mean. They are
    Over the top on most things. Sometimes,
    You feel happy around them, but only

  42. franny is a
    eleven year old girl.
    never is she a
    disappointment to

  43. sylvia
    yells very
    very soon
    i think she will lose her
    amazing yelling voice

  44. mattie

  45. Bob
    Other peoples
    Rubs mine!

  46. I made this poem
    Find out what it is
    I will give you a clue
    When you go to the fridge
    And are thirsty
    So you grab some
    And you dont want it plain you
    Crack open a jug
    Open the top
    What milky surprise awaits
    Indeed almost everyone loves it
    Whoever dosent is probably allergic
    Or wierd
    Until you have tried it your have not
    Let your taste buds party
    Dont waste it
    Go on and taste it
    Indeed it is great
    Very very great
    Every day it is great
    Chocolatey goodness
    Hevenly flavor
    Oh yummy!
    Can you guess it yet?
    Oh so great
    Let yourself savor the flavor
    All day and night
    The flavor to savor
    Every day
    Moo moo
    Instant goodness
    Lactose intollerant people must be sad
    Kwick and easy, can your guess it

    Guess the secrect sentance and i will be impressed

  47. Happy Fred is always
    Off the wall.
    Coming and going bouncing like a
    Kangaroo. He is so hyper he only
    Eats sugar and to speak he

  48. A ladybug
    Small, helpless
    She is beautiful
    She is ageless

    A delicate being
    Sweet and small
    So delicate, how
    Can she survive at all?

    I pick her up
    I help her to fly
    A tear softly falls
    As I call good-bye

  49. Tears are salt water
    Why do they come?
    Why do they creep up
    Where do they come from?

    Delicate like glass
    Beautiful and revealing
    But they so easily
    Give away your feelings

  50. Lift me up
    Over the clouds where i can see angels singing with
    Voices of gold
    Everyday i wish could see you.

  51. what the heck,
    reched birds,
    escalating in population,
    someday I’ll get them back,
    the wrong way to go ,birds,
    let me live a happy non-bird life,
    it’s humiliating,
    negative on my self-esteem,
    going to get them back,
    remake my day,
    oxen faces,
    xylophone I get!

  52. Your poem about the ladybug is really great, Squid! What is the message in it (I can’t figure it out!)? 🙂

  53. Sunshine comes through the windows, it
    plays happily across the sky, and
    rain comes, moistening the dry land.
    Ice melts everywhere, and grass grows.
    Nights get warmer and longer,
    great time for plants to start growing.

  54. What do yours mean Squid? I don’t get it. X}

  55. PieGuy the answer to your poem is

    “If I was a cow I would give chocolate milk”

  56. Wally Washington
    All the time
    Limericks rock
    Rock N’ Roll
    United States of America
    Super Superman
    (You were right Steelerooster)

  57. Bored with nothing to do,
    Oh, what to do?
    Ready to do nothing
    Except talk on msn and listen to music!
    Dude what’s next??

  58. The code was: YOU JUST ATE WORMS

    I love having pizza for breakfast,
    lasagna for dinner is great too,
    Oreos make tasty snacks,
    Vanilla ice cream is for dessert,
    Eggs are in lots of foods,
    Food is almost everywhere,
    Outdoor barbecues are my favourites,
    Oh my, what to do with all this food?
    Dip it in sauce and eat it thats what.

  59. Lizzie
    Only cares about people
    Very poor

  60. Sally
    Never thinks of
    Other seasons like

  61. C u latr i wrote on msn
    Like wise he said
    I don’t understand
    C u latr is not true
    K so then see u tommorrow

    Okay that’s better!
    Now i got 2 go!

    Move on over then
    You are crazy u don’t make cents

    Nah! it’s just that ur dumb
    AH! excuse me!!! I’m dumb=look in the mirror
    Me! thats all i see!?!
    Exactly ur dumb!!!

  62. Your tiny acrostics almost feel like Haiku’s, Warhouse.

    Your acrostic made me hungry, Omar…I’d write more of a response, but I am going to go to the kitch…

  63. The message was you just ate worms

  64. Stars in the sky, a
    Kind of world so
    Imaginable and
    Invinsible like
    Nothing ever seen
    Go by.

  65. The message is you just ate worms

  66. The code:you just ate worms

    Tall and fat.
    It just wants to eat.
    Great at chewing meat.
    Eager to find you if its hungry.
    Runs as fast as a cheetah

  67. Meaningful times
    Elegance and
    Never ever gets
    To old.

  68. The message is




  69. Once upon a time
    Nahhhhhhhh went the dog
    The chickens went ruff ruff
    Hoarses said meow
    Eating pigs went quack
    Foolish ducks went arhooooooo
    And frogs went moo
    Running snails said croak
    My poem is this

  70. Sleeping or at lease trying to
    Inside all day long
    Cat is asleep
    Kings crying
    Windows are dirty
    In bed all the time
    Trying to relax
    Hiding from everyone
    In time you’ll be better
    Let your alarm wake you
    Let the frige to clean itself
    No wonder I’m tired
    Each day I work
    Super sad with the blues

  71. “Completly uncurable” the doctor said.
    A message stuck inside my head.
    No way that my sweet grandpa had, a
    Cruel fate ahead of him.
    Everything had changed, he passed away two years ago,
    Realizing his time had come. But no one
    Knew that his time would come on that day,
    It hurt my Granda most, for what may
    Lie on the other side,
    Laying perfectly still, he passed away
    So soon. On my Grandmother’s Birthday.

  72. I’M

    Boredom; nothing worth watching
    On TV.
    Recently I’ve tried staring at space.
    Estimating how many dots there were in a place. I am
    Desperate to find a cure to chronic dullness and ennui

  73. Pray

  74. man are these things annoying,
    iside the house they’re worse,
    creating holes in the walls,
    even I don’t like them

  75. Nothing is forever, so don’t let go of it
    And if you ever get bored with it
    Tell someone else about it: they might want it.
    Usually people don’t
    Reuse, reduce and recycle.
    Everything is tossed out without even a second thought
    Is this the way to an better environment?
    Secondly, just
    Because you care about the environment doesn’t mean
    Everything you do is just to help the air get cleaner:
    Although that is a great thing to do,
    Usually our environment also means the space around us
    Typically you can’t change everything even
    If you are Bill Gates but just
    For a moment think about the people around you…
    Understanding the physical and emotional environmentis
    Living in “the now”
    Do you think every person around you is alright now?
    Obedience doesn’t mean not helping you fellow friends.
    Naive isn’t thinking others don’t need your help,
    ’cause you know at least one person you’ve seen
    That is in need of “some spare change” or even
    A person holding up a sign that says “no money, no job
    But hungry and tired” we are all able to love another:
    Unconditional love..
    Since we can all love, why don’t we love
    Every one and every thing, even
    If we can’t give them a lot of money
    Then give them love.

  76. hey squid i really like your poem about beauty !
    …soo true

  77. Daylight has sunken into my eyes
    Retrieving me from a wish able life
    Eager to see what the future might bring
    Achievable?…that’s what I want to know
    Success? –What I want!

  78. the message is, which i should have mentioned earlier, is, you just ate worms

  79. Living
    Forever, it won’t
    End for awaile.

  80. Danyal
    Even thought
    Deserved to die…..

  81. Sammy
    Popped a
    Right onto her
    Sasha did that next

  82. Can you guess the answer in Rouldolf’s poem, I can
    ♥love alex

  83. Alligators
    So many different kinds.

  84. Being wierd around
    Savouring the
    Terrific moments.
    Friends are forever,
    Right there for one another.
    Every time were sad, we
    Need eachother there.
    Dont ever leave ok?
    So i guess this means I LOVE YOU.

  85. Day or night,
    All the time
    Never wanting to give up
    Can’t stop
    Even if you hurt

  86. songs of joy and pain
    out comes the music
    creative music
    creepy bands
    erergeticbeets show through.
    reepting verses go throughout the song

  87. Monkeys! Yes, I said monkeys! Would you like to
    Own your very own monkey?
    No problem! Just
    Keep saving up and soon you’ll have
    Enought money to buy
    Your own monkey because our monkeys are now on
    Sale! They don’t require much care,
    And they are
    Remarkable cute! They are
    Even trained for you!* There is no problem,
    Unless you have allergies… just remember, you can
    Save, save, save! Come buy a monkey today!

    *Some monkeys are violent and may cause serious injuries…

  88. Some say school is
    Cool someone should
    Help those people
    Only every
    One knows school is for

  89. There are those who like poetry,
    I do.
    Sometimes it’s bad, though usually it’s
    Really cool.
    Ocasionally, I
    Can’t figure it out. I think those ones are
    Still, I like poetry.

  90. There are those who like poetry,
    I do.
    Sometimes it’s bad, though usually it’s
    Really cool.
    Occasionally, I
    Can’t figure it out. I think those ones are
    Still, I like poetry.

  91. Elegant and mysterious
    You can’t hide them
    Except when you are

  92. Darn those
    In my

  93. this is so cool :)..

  94. I think the peom is
    You just ate woms? I took the first letter of each word, but idk if im right!

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